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Theme Development

I specialize in creating custom Shopify themes that are optimized for performance and mobile/desktop compatibility. Using the latest Shopify 2.0 standards and best practices, each theme is coded manually to ensure that your store will be fast, secure, and user-friendly.

1. Pricing

Tier 1 : Basic Theme ($1800-$2250)

Tier 2: Advanced Theme ($2500-$3800)

Everything from Tier 1, plus:

Tier 3: Premium Theme ($3800-$5500)

Everything from Tiers 1 and 2, plus:

Tier 4: Premium Theme + User Portal (Wholesale) ($6000+)

Everything from Tiers 1, 2, and 3 plus:

Prices are for development services and standard layout designs only. They do not include tailored UI/UX design or Shopify subscription fees. See Theme Design for custom UI/UX solutions and advanced design features.

2. Timeline

Expedited delivery available upon request.


Everything I offer is self-coded with the best practices and latest standards. To ensure a smooth and scheduled development process, it is imperative to have a clear timeline and detailed plan of all the requirements you need before starting development.

Besides the development, every site needs configuration and setup that I take care of as well. This includes analytics, on-site SEO/accessibility, contact channels, notification settings, store policy templates as per Shopify’s regulations, mobile/tablet/desktop/cross-browser final tweaks, and bug fixes. My pricing is all-inclusive of these features.

Components between Tiers are mutable, so feel free to mix/match to your needs for a custom quote.

Post-development, I am available on demand via retainer.

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